Hezbollah Will Break US Siege on Lebanon: Sheikh Yazbek

Hezbollah official, Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek, stressed that the Resistance Party fuel ships will help the Lebanese people cope with the injustice caused by the US siege on Lebanon.

Sheikh Yazbek indicated that Hezbollah move of importing the Iranian fuel forced the Americans to allow the Lebanese officials visit and contact their peers in Syria, Jordan and Egypt, confirming that the the Resistance Party will break the US siege on Lebanon.

His eminence also underlined the importance of the cabinet formation facing the case of anarchy plaguing Lebanon, calling on the officials to assume their responsibilities in this regard.

Sheikh Yazbek’s remarks came during Hezbollah mourning ceremony held on the fortieth day after the death of the two oppressed martyrs Mohammad Ayoub and Ali Shible who were killed by the terrorist gangs in Khaldeh area.

In this context, Sheikh Yazbek reiterated Hezbollah commitment to the lawful measures taken by the official institutions, emphasizing, on the 28th anniversary of September 13 massacre, that the Resistance victories require patience and wisdom.



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