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Hamas Military Media Publishes Video of Captured Israeli Soldier Avera Mengistu

With advent of the new Israeli military chief of staff Herzi Halevi after the end of Aviv Kochavi’s term, Al-Qassam…

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‘Bring down the dictator’, protesters shout in thousands-strong anti-Netanyahu rallies

Tens of thousands have rallied in three major cities across the occupied Palestinian territories against Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s…

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West Bank announces strike, mourning in Jenin after Israeli forces kill three Palestinian youths

A day of mourning and strike has been declared in the West Bank city of Jenin, after Israeli forces killed…

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Thousands bid goodbye to Palestinians killed in Israeli raids

Thousands attend a funeral procession and a subsequent burial ceremony held for two Palestinians, who were killed during raids carried…

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Palestinian Resistance groups target positions of Israeli forces

News sources reported on Tuesday night that the Palestinian resistance forces targeted the positions of the Zionist soldiers in the…

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“Yakjehti Palestine Cycle Rally” under the auspices of PLF

Shiite News: Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF), Buddies Cycling Club and Clean Pakistan Green Pakistan organized a “Yakjehti Palestine Cycle Rally”…

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55 Palestine journalists killed by Israel since 2000

Israeli Forces have killed 55 Palestinian journalists since 2000, according to a local syndicate on Monday, Anadolu News Agency reports.…

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Israeli Ben-Gvir orders removal of Palestinian flags from public spaces

Zionist Regime’s National Security Minister ordered the chief of the Zionist police to collect the Palestinian flag from public places…

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Poll Results Slap Normalization Regimes: 84% of Arabs Reject Recognition of ‘Israel’

The Arab people again manifest firm rejection of recognizing ‘Israel’ and normalizing ties with the Zionist entity after the conspicuous…

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1000s in Israel rally against ‘crime minister’ Netanyahu’s extremely far-right cabinet

Thousands have taken to streets in Tel Aviv in the occupied territories against the new Israeli prime ministers’ extremist cabinet,…

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