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We would never tolerate banned on Ashura juloos in Hangu.Hangu’s shiites

Shiite News Correspondent We would never tolerate banned on Ashura juloos in Hangu This statement was given by the Shiites…

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Rawalpindi: Police foiled attempt of suicide blast in Majlis-e-Aza, One died, three injured

Pakistan Police on Thursday night foiled an attempt of suicide attack on a “Muharram Majlis” (mourning gathering) at the shrine…

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JAP demanded immediately Lift Ban on Muharram Processions in D.I.Khan

Shiite news correspondent. Jaffaria Alliance Pakistan (JAP) on Thursday demanded of the government to immediately take the notice of the arrest…

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Shia leaders warns governnment to hold country wide protest against the ban on D.I.Khan

The Shia leaders and organizations’ from across the country, Including Majls-e-Wahadat-e-Muslameen (MWM), Jaffaria Alliance Pakistan (JAP), Imamia Students Organization Pakistan…

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NWFP Government pressurizing Shia’s to change the routes of Azadari processions in Dera Ismail Khan.

NWFP Government and local administration of D.I.Khan are pressurizing the Shia ulemas and leaders to change the timings and routes of major Azadari congregations…

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ISO demand’s Govt to Protect Muharram Processions.

Imamia Students Organization (IS0) Pakistan Central President Adil Bangash has demanded of the government to not change the routes of…

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Taliban killed 17 years old son of Allama Kamal Hussaini

KURRAM AGENCY- Activists of Taliban have killed 17 years old son of Allama Kamal Hussain Al-Husaini, while Namaz-e-Janaza of the…

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Pakistan Shia leaders condemn killing of Ali Mustafa Al-Hussaini

Pakistani Shia leaders and religious Parties have condemned the martyrdom of Allama kamal Hussain al-Hussaini’s Son Ali Mustafa Hussaini .who…

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Pakistani scholars urge people to follow Imam Hussein

  20.12.2009 Shia and Sunni scholars, scientists and religious figures of Pakistan on Saturday highlighted the teachings of the Imam…

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Muharram-ul-Harram: Police identify 209 high-risk places in Karachi

19.12.2009 Special report Karachi, Pakistan (SN) Sindh police have declared 209 places in Karachi, as highly sensitive and high risk spots…

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