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Istanbul to Host Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) in the Quran and Sunna Conference

An international Conference featuring “Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) in the Quran and Sunna” will begin today, December 24, in Istanbul, Turkey.The conference…

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Bahrain’s Shia trial hits impasse

The trial of 25 opposition Shia activists in Bahrain has hit yet another hurdle after new defense lawyers picked by…

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Kuwaiti Shiites demand public holiday on Ashuraa

Kuwaiti Shia cleric Sayed Mohamed Baqer Al-Mohri has demanded from the government to announce public holiday on Ashuraa – Moharram…

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Calls for Bahrain torture probe

The legal representatives of Shia opposition activists have repeated a call for a probe into the alleged torture of the…

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Shia Muslims in Egypt face ‘Systematic’ Discrimination: Rights Groups

Egypt’s Emergency State Security Court on Sunday ordered–for the seventh time–the release of an Egyptian Shia Muslim illegally arrested for…

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‘Israel gearing up for attacking Lebanon’

Israel is reportedly completing the preparations of another war against Lebanon, four years after suffering a crushing defeat from the…

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Bahrain Sunnis make up for election loss

Bahrain’s king reinstates key officials in his Sunni-led government in the wake of parliamentary polls, which robbed the Sunnis of…

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Israel hides Rachel Corrie’s murderer

Israel refuses to reveal neither the name nor the face of the military bulldozer driver who crushed pro-Palestinian US activist…

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‘Israeli commander admits Gaza crimes’

An Israeli commander has confessed to crimes committed by the Israeli army during the 22-day onslaught on the Gaza Strip,…

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Israel attacks anti-apartheid wall demo

Israeli soldiers have injured several nonviolent protesters demonstrating simultaneously in some West Bank villages against the confiscation of their land…

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