Give Shia 20 pc share in schemes for Muslims

Noted Shia cleric Kalbe Jawad on Saturday demanded carving out of 20 per cent share for Shia Muslims in all…

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Shia community seeks representation in state government

Demanding induction of some Muslims MLAs the state cabinet, several Muslim organisations of the city have urged the Samajwadi Party…

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Shia Scholars are Under Pressure in Azerbaijan

“Azerbaijan is the second Shia country in the world but unfortunately anti- Islamic acts hurt Muslims especially Islamic scholars and…

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US,Taliban resume talks in Qatar over US-led Afghan war

Representatives of Afghan Taliban and the US government have resumed talks in Qatar in an attempt to find a political…

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Opposition Condemns New Wave of Shia Arrests in Azerbaijan

Pro-Western opposition parties in Azerbaijan have criticized the arrests of Muslim activists and two IRIB employees as a new phase…

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One killed in third day of anti-US protests in Afghanistan

One person has been killed in the third day of protests in Afghanistan in condemnation of the burning of the…

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African Shia Islamic Movement Commemorates Demise of the Prophet (SAWW)

The African Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky Commemorates the demise of the Prophet on…

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Shia Community of Indonesia again attacked by Salafi-Nasabi terrorists

Indonesian– The shiite community in Karang Gayam Village and Bluuran Village, Sampang Regency, Madura, was attacked by a group of…

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Indonesian Shiite Refugees Return Home

After days of negotiations, the local administration and police in Sampang, East Java, Indonesia convinced 300 Shiite Muslim refugees to…

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Indonesian Shiites Muslims Forced To Migrate

Indonesian government has forced Shiite Muslims for relocation after burned down their property in last week attacks of Wahabi terrorists,…

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