Indonesia: Shi’a Villagers Told They Must Convert if They Wish to Return Home

The threatened forced relocation of a Shi’a community living in temporary shelter in East Java is yet more evidence of…

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Lucknow Shias say Freemasonry Jewish Temple is Endowment Property

Once again the Freemasonry Jewish temple in Lucknow is in the news. Shias have said the temple as a Wakf…

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Thousands of Shia Muslims in Kargil commemorate Araba’een despite freezing -17°C temp

Thousands of Shia Muslims in Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir, took to the streets of Kargil to mourn Arba’een,…

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Iranian MPs due in Myanmar to examine Rohingya Muslims’ situation

An Iranian parliamentary delegation will soon visit Myanmar to examine the latest situation of the ethnic Rohingya Muslims and find…

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Martyrdom of Hazrat Roqayyeh (SA) Mourned in India

On the occasion of martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Roqayyeh (SA), a mourning ceremony was held on Tuesday, December 25, in…

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OIC to Send Special Envoy to Myanmar

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has appointed former Indonesian vice president Jusuf Kalla, who is chairman of the country’s…

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Shias of Kashmir: Socio-political dilemmas

Come Muharram, the month of mourning, Kashmir’s Shia-dominated areas come alive with black banners, and now increasingly, with portraits of…

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Opposition slams Turkish government over Patriot missiles

During a Sunday parliamentary session at which the country’s budget plan for 2013 was to be discussed, a heated debate…

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India Shias stage protest against Shia killings in Pakistan

Thousands of Shia Muslims of Indian Province Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow staged a protest rally against what they called ongoing…

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Indonesian Envoy: “My country committed to protect Shia Muslim minority”

In the wake of recent spate of violence against Indonesian Shias, the country’s ambassador to Tehran says his government is…

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