16th February martyrdom anniversary of Sayyed Abbas Moussawi leader of Hezbullah

Biography of a Martyred Leader Sayyed Abbas Moussawi The martyrdom of Sayyed Abbas Moussawi is not a matter of coincidence.…

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Imam Khomeini Shakes the World

On the first day of February, 1979, an Air France jet touched down in Tehran carrying a famous passenger on…

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Point Of View: Is financial loss greater than human loss?

BY SYED JAFAR ASKARI (Courtesy of The Nation)   KARACHI- Recent Ashura bomb blast in the financial hub of the…

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Bombing and fire disrupt a fragile peace in Karachi, Pakistan

Akbar al-Habib, who has a garment shop in Lighthouse Market, says, “They came in and destroyed everything.”(Pamela Constable/the Washington Post)…

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The Israel Lobby’s War on Al Manar TV

Having inherited the Bush administration’s rising stack of terrorism lists, President Obama’s team had expressed interest in culling them ‘so…

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Karbala: A Revolution of Hearts and Mind

The event of Karbala always evokes strong emotions and deep intellectual thoughts which touch and affect the whole existence of…

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Millions of Muslims commemorate Tasu’a

Mourners throughout the world gather today to commemorate the anniversary of the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Hussein (PBUH).…

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Imam Hussein (AS), eternal paradigm of freedom for the ummah

TEHRAN, – The uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) was certainly a great event with infinite impact and without divergent objectives.…

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We successfully confront enemy’s failing psychological war, Sayyed Hassan Nasarullah

Secretary General of Hizbullah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah gave another speech on the fifth night of Muharram through the same Giant…

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On the philosophy of Ashura Movement

    Imam Hussein (AS) in his statements stressed that the reason for his uprising was to revive the lofty…

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