Zionist regime has always tried to isolate Iran: Imran Khan

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan while terming the recent agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia to restore diplomatic ties an…

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Pentagon chief says Putin-Xi meeting sends ‘very troubling message’

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has described Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s recent meeting with his Russian counterpart as a “very…

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Saudi Arab

Saudi Arabia signs $400 mln agreement for Ukraine aid

Saudi Arabia signed an agreement and a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ukraine, providing the war-torn country with $400 million…

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Balloon row: China says US flew over 10 high-altitude balloons over its airspace since 2022

China says US high-altitude balloons flew over its airspace without permission more than 10 times since the beginning of 2022,…

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How Islamic Revolution won hearts and minds in Indian Subcontinent

The triumphant homecoming of Imam Khomeini, the charismatic leader of the Islamic Revolution, this week 44 years ago, marked the…

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US, Israeli slipped arms into Iran to wreak havoc during riots: FM

Iran’s foreign minister says the United States and the Israeli regime slipped firearms past Iranian borders during the recent riots…

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Explosion of cluster bombs and mines, 4 citizens killed & injured in Yemen

Today, Thursday, four citizens were killed and injured as a result of the explosion of cluster bombs and mines from…

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Middle East

US giving cold feet to countries willing to normalize with Syria: Report

The United States is actively working to discourage countries willing to normalize relations with Syria, according to a report. The…

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Middle East

China calls on US occupation forces to stop plundering of natural resources in Syria

China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nation has called for an immediate end to the illegal presence of US…

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USA Escalates War on Lebanon: It’s Barbara Leaf’s Disintegration Scheme

Leaf insolently explained what the word ‘pain’ refers to by indicating that collapse and disintegration would be inevitable before the…

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