Yemeni Lawmaker: al-Qaeda running key Yemeni ministries

yemnepresident1-300x202 A Yemeni Parliamentarian says al-Qaeda enjoys strong support from the government of President Ali Abdullah Salih and runs key ministries in his cabinet. Exiled Yemeni lawmaker Yahya al-Houthi — who is the brother of the Shia leader, Abdul-Malek — accused the government of allowing hundreds of al-Qaeda militants into the country.   He said members of al-Qaeda are in charge of many key ministries in the Salih administration including ministries for media and intelligence. Al-Houthi added that extremist groups such as Salafi and al-Qaeda have toughened their grip on the country. Yemen has opened an all-out war against Houthi fighters in the mountainous north in August. Saudi Arabia also joined the offensive against the fighters in November. The government accuses fighters of seeking to restore a religious state in the northern areas that was overthrown in 1962. The Houthis, however, say they want more autonomy, a halt in alleged Saudi-backed efforts to impose Wahabism in the region as well as an end to “discriminatory policies” against their people.

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