Yemen Revolutionaries Warn: More UAE Targets within Our Reach!

Member of Ansarullah politburo Mohammad Al-Bakhiti threatened on Monday that more sensitive targets across the United Arab Emirates are within the reach of Yemeni revolutionaries.

In an interview with Al-Mayadeen, hours after Yemen’s Tornado Op hit UAE airports and an oil refinery, Al-Bakhiti said the attack was just “a beginning”, stressing that more targets in the UAE’s depth will be targeted by the Yemeni Armed Forces.

“The UAE has to withdraw from Yemen ad we have given it a chance to make gradual withdrawal,” Al-Bkahiti said.

“Saudi Arabia worked to involve UAE in the Yemen war. It handed over several provinces to Abu Dhabi after Riyadh gave up hope of the confrontation there.”

“The Yemen’s Tornado Op is a message to all states of the Saudi-led coalition. We have targeted sensitive posts and we still have more sensitive places to hit. All sensitive posts across the UAE is within our reach,” Al-Bakhiti threatened.

Later on Tuesday, Al-Bakhiti slammed several states over condemning the Yemeni retaliatory attack on UAE.

“When several states condemn Yemenis for defending their land and don’t have such stance towards the countries who have been for years attacking Yemen then the world suffers an unprecedented moral crisis,” Al-Bakhiti said in a tweet early on Tuesday.

“Such stance won’t break our will, but rather will boost our determination to confront oppression,” the Yemeni official added.

Yemeni revolutionaries carried out on Monday a wide-scale operation against several sensitive posts in the UAE. Dozens of drones and ballistic missiles hit Abu Dhabi and Dubai airports, as well as an oil refinery in Abu Dhabi, in retaliation for the UAE’s ongoing aggression against the Arab impoverished country.



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