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Families of detains Shia’s to meet Saudi officials in Riyadh

shiitenews_Families_of_detains_Shia_to_meet_Saudi_officials_in_RiyadhThe family members and relatives of Shia’s on Tuesday came at Saudi Capital Riyadh to meet the officials of Saudi Interior Ministry officials regarding the arrest of their beloved from the Eastern Province Qatif on charges of participating in the protest demonstrations against the Wahabi Kingdom.

Informed sources told the Shiite News Correspondent that the members of thirty detained Shia’s were included in the delegation to meet the Saudi-Wahabi;s interior Ministry officials.

The delegation was received by the top Saudi security officials in Riyadh. The Saudi security officials restricted the delegation to meet the Interior Ministry officials and told the family members of detained youth that only three members will allow to represent their demands in the meeting with the Saudi-wahabi interior ministry.

It may be noted here that the Saudi-Wahabi forces were detained the 180 Shia Youths from the last two months in a crackdown against the anti-government protestors. The people detained by the Saudi-Wahabi authorities are writers, social activists, senior citizens and more than 20 boys age of under 17 years.

However, the Shia community of Qatif informed that the majority of the Shia’s detained by the Wahabi-Nasabi kingdom forces were not participated in the protest marches against the Saudi invasion in Bahrain.

According to Human Rights Watch, more than 160 dissidents have been arrested since February as part of the Saudi government’s crackdown on anti-government protesters.


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