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Saudi authorities remove posters of Shia Imam

qatif Saudi authorities have pulled down posters of the third Shia Imam in the coastal city of al-Qatif, which hosts the country’s largest community of Shia Muslims. Municipality staff escorted by a security team and a police convoy removed the posters during the morning hours when the city’s residents were at work or school, leaving most streets fairly  clear of any bystanders, IRIB reported on Saturday. The posters displayed Hadith (Arabic for narrations) of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) about Imam Hussein (AS), as well as quotes by the Imam himself. The posters had been put up in al-Qatif city and the road to al-Awamiyah, a town situated further south in the county. The authorities’ decision to remove the posters was quite unexpected as the residents of al-Qatif have always been allowed to hang flags and dark banners from their houses and streets during the Islamic lunar months of Muharram and Safar when mourning ceremonies are held for Imam Hussein (AS).


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