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All-Time Joke: “Godfather of Terror” Turns Against his Children!?

Saudi Arabia, which according to the available data is the biggest financial and spiritual supporter of the terror groups in the region, in a bizarre move has formed a counter-terrorism coalition. Mohammad bin Salman, the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister, has noted that the alliance would not only target the terror group ISIS but it would counter terrorism phenomenon across Muslim world’s regions. The coalition, as Saudi Arabia claims, is “Islamic” and “military” and it would confront any terrorist organization, and every member country would contribute to the alliance based on its capacities and capabilities. The statement published by Saudi news agency asserts that the new coalition is led by Saudi Arabia and that it is headquartered in Riyadh. The coalition includes 35 countries, Saudi Arabia , Jordan , United Arabic Emirates , Pakistan , Bahrain , Bangladesh , Benin , Turkey , Chad , Togo , Tunisia , Djibouti , Senegal , Sudan , Sierra Leone , Somalia , Gabon , Guinea , Palestine , Republic of the Comoros , Qatar , Côte d’Ivoire, Kuwait , Lebanon , Libya , Maldives , Mali , Malaysia , Egypt , Morocco , Mauritania , Niger , Nigeria , Yemen and Uganda.

For a couple of reasons it is obvious that the 34-member coalition is barren and theatrical, being only a gesture posed by Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

1. The leader of the military alliance is Saudi Arabia which is the main operator and supporter of terrorism in the region. The Western media have always introduced the ideology ruling Saudi Arabia as the most significant ground for rise of the terrorism. On the other hand, in recent years, Saudi Arabia by backing up the terror groups financially and spiritually in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen, has engaged these countries in an everlasting wars.

2. Most of the members of the coalition are weak countries. States like Benin, Togo and Sierra Leone lack any potential to fight against terrorism. The only advantage of Saudi Arabia, which leads the military coalition, is its petrodollars and it owns no expertise in using the advanced military equipment.

3. The third reason can be traced to the history of the similar coalitions. Saudi Arabia and the UAE along with other countries had formed a coalition which the purpose was to launch offensive actions against Yemen. The Saudi-led coalition has failed to counter a couple of Yemeni tribes within the past nine months, and only in a latest attack 152 of its troops were killed in Yemen’s south. Thereby, the coalition would not be able even to preserve its unity in the upcoming months let alone to fight terrorism.

While owning the world’s most advanced military equipment, the US by forming its anti-ISIS military coalition has failed to take any positive step in the past two years. Certainly, Riyadh cannot launch any operations beyond its own borders. In recent years, heavy losses were imposed on Saudi Arabia, and it has been known in the eyes of the public opinions as the “godfather of terror”, and that it is severely under public opinions’ pressure. Therefore, forming the military alliance, it seeks to amend such a prevailing vision. However, such a gestural move is far from being able to change the view about Saudi support of terrorism.


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