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Nobody’s Fool: Paris Attacks Were Planned in Saudi Arabia

It took the Paris attacks – sadly not the Beirut attacks – for the “Assad must go” gang to finally come to their senses and change course – much to the chagrin of Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Qatar and Turkey.

French President Francois Hollande is doing the right thing calling on the United States and Russia – and Iran – to form a global coalition to destroy ISIL in the wake of the Paris attacks. But he is wrong to assume the terrorist attacks were planned in Syria. The September 13 slaughter has all the hallmarks of a well-organized and meticulously-planned plot by Saudi Wahhabis to incite Team Obama and European allies to besiege Syria, cancel Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s historic trip to France and Italy, and derail the delicate nuclear deal between Tehran and P5+1. The following are key to substantiate:

* Saudi Arabia’s systematic ambivalence towards ISIL’s malicious doctrine has simple explanation. They have the same root, desperate to fight Iranian Shia “fire”. ISIL doesn’t follow “Caliph Ibrahim.” It follows the House of Saud. “Caliph Ibrahim” is an expendable vassal. One dominant strand to the Saudi-ISIL identity pertains directly to Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (the founder of Wahhabism). Under the Wahhabi-Takfiri doctrine, his followers (Saudi and ISIL) deem other followers of faith and Shia Muslims infidels as they honour the Prophets, the dead, saints and angels. Al-Wahhab says, “Those who would not conform to this view should be killed, their wives and daughters violated, and their possessions confiscated.” The deeply Wahhabist ISIL is doing exactly all this and more, all while upholding loyalty to the Saudi King’s absolute power.

* President Hollande couldn’t be more accurate when he said “we are in a war against jihadist terrorism which is threatening the whole world.” Still, he is way off the line to assume “these assassins do not represent any.” Since its genesis, ISIL has been ruthlessly killing/destroying everything and everyone to establish a “caliphate,” protect the House of Saud, and represent its Wahhabist dogma and utter depravity.

* Hollande says “our enemy in Syria is Daesh. It’s about destroying it to save the people of Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.” Clearly, it took the November 13 attacks for him to finally admit the “threat” comes from ISIL and not Assad. He shouldn’t bother to “save” Jordan, Turkey and the despotic Arab regimes though. The moms and dads of ISIL are safe. Even Israel is safe. The dog doesn’t bite his own tail. Once all this is over, the beheading dogs will return to their nests. Hollande can count on Iran and Russia in the war, but to the moms and dads of ISIL he should say this: Shut down your “Jihadist Super-Highways” and stop financing/weaponising your extremist outfits. Or else… .

* EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Chief Federica Mogherini says all of the identified Paris attackers were European nationals and sort of “returnees” from Syria. This should be more than enough to tell opportunistic politicians, far-right groups and sections of the media to stop stoking, fanning and inflaming anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim fear/hysteria in the West.

It is by now self-evident that the US and Europe can no longer afford to be stuck behind the curve. Strange enough, President Obama foolishly says he still won’t change course – even as the militants threaten to strike Washington. He should take note: ISIL, an American-Saudi project that went terribly wrong, will strike Washington too. It’s not a matter of if but when. The new strategy to destroy ISIL has the best chance of working if it is also directed toward the House of Saud. Retaking territory in Syria won’t solve the underlying problem of eliminating the Saudi dynamics that are producing all these kinds of violent, extremist groups in Europe.

The Paris attacks were a game-changer and the cry is almost universal: Stop the Wahhabi Saudis and you can stop ISIL. More so, you can only win the war if you develop the thaw with Tehran and Moscow. It is silly to talk about the use of military force in Syria when you see it is actually the House of Saud that holds the beheading dog’s collar. You can put down the multinational terrorist group if you also uproot the extremist doctrine of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia – through diplomatic pressure, economic sanctions, and oil embargo.

Let’s face it – the one big undifferentiated menacing herd and enemy camp is in Riyadh. Tens of thousands of Wahhabi-Takfiri fighters and commanders went to Syria and Iraq armed with petrodollar cash and Western-made weapons from places like Europe, US and Saudi Arabia. Once defeated, the black-clad gangs will simply return to their countries of origin. It is past time for Western leaders to stop fooling themselves. In destroying ISIL, all roads lead to Riyadh.


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