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Report Exposes Meager Saudi Financial Aids in Contrast with Huge Iranian Support to Lebanon

During his visit to Riyadh in December, 2021, the French President Emanuel Macron and the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman agreed on establishing a humanitarian fund for Lebanon.

Eight months after the agreement, a meager initiative to fund improving the medical services at Tripoli hospital was announced, according to an article posted by Al-Akhbar newspaper.

The Lebanese daily added that the French and Saudi ambassadors to Lebanon later announced funding several projects in the educational, medical, food and power domains; however, the entire cost was estimated to be less than 22 million dollars.

Al-Akhbar noted that France and KSA used their magnified aids in the context of their political plots in Lebanon, especially during the parliamentary elections.

The report indicated that, according to a Saudi official platform, the Saudi financial aids to Lebanon between 1975 and 2022 did not outnumber 2,752,455,111 US dollars, but that the Saudi political campaign in Lebanon promotes that KSA has paid 20 billion dollars to Lebanon.

According to the author, Ali Mourad, Saudi granted Lebanon around 1.2 bn dollars to cope with the repercussions of July’s war. However, Iran paid more than $5 billion dollars for the same purpose.

Sources told Al-Manar on Tuesday that Iran has informed the Lebanese delegation visiting Tehran that the Islamic Republic is ready to provide Lebanon with 600,000 tonnes of fuel.

However, this Iranian support is not appreciated by the Lebanese propaganda which opposes all what secures the national sovereignty and interest for the sake of magnifying Saudi and Western meager aids.


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