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Saudi fighter jets bomb Yemen’s Ma’rib prov. ‘forty times’

Yemeni news sources said on Wed. that Saudi-US coalition fighter jets bombed Ma’rib province in Yemen more than 40 times.

Two Yemeni civilians were wounded in a shooting by Saudi forces in the al-Raqo border area in the northern Yemeni province of Saada, Almasirah reported.

Meanwhile, a Yemeni source reported new ceasefire violations by Saudi aggressor coalition and their mercenraies on Al Hudaydah Front in the past 24 hours.

The source also announced ceasefire violations by Saudi-led coalition included establishment of military fortifications in al-Jabaliyah in al-Hudaydah province and also five reconnaissance flights over the Hays, al-Jabaliyah areas, as well as other large-scale movements.

Meanwhile, Almasirah reported 40 attacks launched by Saudi-American coalition fighter jets on Harb and Al-Juba areas in Yemen’s Ma’rib province.

Fighters from Saudi-American coalition also bombed al-Abdiyah area in Ma’rib province.


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