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Saudi Opposition: Bin Salman’s Recent Steps, Attempt to Polish His Image before Biden

The prominent Saudi opposition, Omar bin Abdulaziz, raised questions about the nature of new steps by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s. Omar published a series of tweets, in which he said: “Mohammed bin Salman has not changed. He is only trying to gain time and convince the American administration that he has changed.”

He wrote, “Therefore, you should not be tempted by the notion that he yielded to belief in reform but rather in fear of the brutality of the Biden administration.” He asked, “Why is the Fitaihi family still banned from traveling? Where will the consideration be restored after defamation? How are those who tortured him held accountable with Ritz?”

Omar explained that the release of female detainees and reconciliation with Qatar, as well as the release of Walid Fitaihi and the Americans, are just messages that bin Salman wants to convey to Biden and his team, stating that “they have changed.”

This comes – according to the Saudi opposition figure – at the same time that the people of his opponents are still being held hostage. At the same time, prisons are teeming with innocent people without fair public trials, and the wealth of the rich are confiscated. Many activists interacted with the tweets of the prominent Saudi activist residing outside the Kingdom.


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