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Saudi authorities pardons convicted soldiers to keep them in Yemen fronts

Saudi authorities have reportedly pardoned army soldiers convicted of various crimes in the ultra-conservative kingdom in order to encourage them to stay in battle fronts and fight against Yemeni army forces and their allies from Popular Committees.

Arabic-language Mirat al-Jazeera news website, citing a report published by the Arabic-language Saudi Arabian daily newspaper Okaz, reported on Monday that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has found soldiers from the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF), the Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) as well as command centers in Yemen eligible for receiving the clemency by relevant judicial officials.

The report added that the offer does not apply to troops found guilty by courts of crimes against national security and grave offenses.

Observers and juridical experts argue that the directive aims to pardon Saudi soldiers involved in the war against Yemen, who have criminal records and are convicted of criminal acts in different regions of the conflict-plagued country.

Moreover, the directive indicates that the Saudi regime relies on fighters with aggressive nature to commit crimes and gross human rights violations against ordinary Yemeni people.

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