Netanyahu Threatens to Deal Destructive Blow to Lebanon When Hezbollah Attacks Israeli Army

The Zionist PM Benjamin Netnayahu inspected Wednesday the forces inspected the troops drilling in the north of the occupied Palestine in simulation of a confrontation with Hezbollah, threatening to deal a major blow to Lebanon if Hezbollah attacks the Israeli army.

Netanyahu, who was accompanied by the chief of staff Aviv Kochavi, boasted he military readiness despite the coronavirus considerations, acknowledging that even the enemies did not calm down during the pandemic.

The Israeli army had started major annual drills, named the “Lethal Arrow’ in simulation of a military confrontation with Hezbollah, training the infantry troops to fight in bushy areas similar to the villages in southern Lebanon.

It is worth noting that the Israeli occupation forces have evacuated all the sites on border with Lebanon for fear of the inevitable military operation that Hezbollah will carry out in response to the Zionist crime of killing one of ts fighters in Syria last July.

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