Abbas: UAE-Israel deal was the last poisoned dagger in flank of Palestine

UAE-Israel deal was the last poisoned dagger in flank of Palestine, the head of the Palestinian Authority said.

Mahmoud Abbas addressed a meeting of secretaries-general of the Palestinian resistance groups, which was held simultaneously via video conference in Beirut, the Lebanese capital, and Ramallah in the West Bank.

He announced: “Today, we have gathered with a single heart to fulfill our national duty to our cause.”

We are at a very important and dangerous stage; in a way, the issue of Palestine has been confronted with various conspiracies, the most important of which is the ‘Deal of the Century’ and deviant normalization projects.

Mahmoud Abbas said: “We have gathered today as a single nation with a single issue; Palestine and Jerusalem have brought us together.”

He added: “Since 1917, they have been against us with Balfour Declaration and its promises; A promise made by Britain and the United States while the last poisoned dagger in the flank of Palestine was the US-backed Emirati-Israeli agreement.

“We will never allow anyone to speak on our behalf or to have authority on our behalf, and we emphasize that we have not given authority to anyone, and we will not let him speak for us,” Abbas said.

Regarding the plan to annex other parts of the West Bank to the occupied territories, Abbas said: “It was only us who stopped the annexation, it was our nation that defeated the ‘Deal of the Century’ and no one was with us in this way and we announced that if the occupying regime tries to annex even one tiny part of our land, the consequences will be on the Israel itself.”

Mahmoud Abbas reacted to the Arab countries and added: “The Arab countries have not fulfilled their obligations to us and the US government forbade the countries to lend to us in exchange for our frozen property.” But we did not fall. We are confident that we will overcome the Corona epidemic and we have decided to send a cabinet along with 20 trucks of medicine to Gaza.

“We have told all the mediators that we will never negotiate a ‘Deal of the Century’ or a plan for annexation.”

“We will never accept US mediation in these negotiations. We will never sit at the negotiating table on which the Deal of the Century is also present,” Mahmoud Abbas added.

The head of the Palestinian Authority stressed that they will not fall short of the fixed principles of the Palestinian nation and will never leave their homeland and will remain steadfast in supporting their people, Iran Press reported.

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