State Terrorism: Shia Women Seminary Raided Without Warrant or Information

In an event of ‘State Terrorism’, Saudi-funded Pakistani Police without any warrant raided a women seminary in Hussainabad area of Sahiwal.

According to reports received, Punjab police raided a renowned shia women seminary not only without a warrant but as well without a reason or information.It is not only a violation of the law but social and ethical values.

It is pertinent to mention here that varied analyst have pointed out a deep conspiracy being plotted against the peace in Pakistan through a sectarian divide. Adding fuel to fire, the government is adamant to bring about a rift between the peaceful and loving nation of Pakistan, oppressing a particular faction on their genus’ directive.

It is a established fact that the only country that wishes ill for the shiites across the world is Saudi Arabia, prevailing anti-islamic ideology throughout the middle east, waging war against anyone who defies their principles.

The current regime of Pakistan (PML-N) has knitted and vested interests with the Kingdom itself, in return their wishes are granted at the hands of Banned outfits roaming free in Pakistan promulgating terrorism and target killing.


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