APC Held against Government Actions in Gilgit Baltistan

Awami Action Committee (AAC) Gilgit Baltistan acting Chairman Aga Ali Rizvi led an All Parties Conference to include leaders from political, social and religious parties at a local hotel in Gilgit.

Apart from issues pertaining to the region of mutual interest, the conference covered arrest of AAC workers and anti-state cases against them.

Politico-religious parties, Trade Associations, Bar Association and prominent leaders from Gilgit Baltistan presented the government with the following notion in the conference:

1. Cases against AAC workers, protesting peacefully using their democratic right, to be repealed within three days. Government should refrain from oppressing freedom of speech and curbing peaceful protests.

2. A dialogue should be opened with opposition for national interest in a democratic manner. Oppression in any manner is dictatorial and not to be tolerated.

3. Gilgit Baltistan ought to get the lions’ share in terms of CPEC for their land remains the core gateway for the project. Other Projects (Bonji Power Project and Bhasha Diamer Dam) should be completely promptly. G-B should be divided into three zones with connection though highways, to made from scratch. All this would add to the employment within the region for the locals.

4. AAC charter of demands is the voice of G-B and its people, curbing it is inhumane and against international law. For the past 7 decades, the nation (G-B) stand deprived of their basic necessities, acceptance of these demands remains an obligation.

5. The quorum agreed to policies put forth for operation Zarb-e-Azb ridding Pakistan of terrorism, completion of CPEC with politico-religious parties extending their support to Pakistan Army.

6. The proud nation liberated Gilgit Baltistan of Dogra rule joining hands in Pakistan with extension of boundaries till China. The locals have a unique role in the sovereignty of Pakistan and due this the region should be made tax-free.

7. Due to the controversial status of Gilgit Baltistan, the resources of the region should only be made available to the locals only, whereas the policy of usurpation should be abolished. The G-B legislative assembly should be given the right to make policies for the region.

8. G-B comprises of Glaciers, Mountains and Jungles, depriving the nation with land for agricultural and housing. Therefore, the land utilized by CPEC should be purchased with locals within the vicinity to get monetary benefits from it. Government should ensure that land is not usurped to avoid conflict.

9. Any revenue generated though CPEC, G-B share should be 50% of the income.

10. Agreement on CPEC should be made legislative through the floor of the assembly with written agreements, negating arising future controversies.

11. They condemned PM Modi’s anti-Pakistan statement and detach themselves from any other doing the same. There is a line drawn between those protesting and those who are against the state. We stand with the state yet reserving the right to protest peacefully. Those interfering with our democratic right are actually anti-state with a hidden agendas.


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