It is forbidden to celebrate Days of Rashidun Caliphs

It is forbidden to celebrate Days of Rashidun Caliphs

Accroding to the official website of Famous Deobandi religious scholar Allama Mufti Naeem of madarsa Jama’a Banoria, Mufti Naeem and company has declared that it is forbidden to celebrate birth and martyrdom days of Rashidun Caliphs and other pious religious figures and said “religion neither gives permission to celebrate such days nor it is rewarding”.

Since dissimulation is his virtue therefore, in the second part of the fatwa, he said that “it is allowed to celebrate such days as political ploy (sectarianism) against offenders”.

It should be remembered that it is because of this dissimulated fatwa that allies and companions of Mufti Naeem, who are anti- Pakistan and sectarian, deliberately create pugnacities during important days of Muslims, in name of birth and martyrdom days of Caliphs. They act in accordance with Mufti Naeem’s fatwa and since they consider other Muslims, both Shias and Sunnis, as offenders therefore, they carry out processions, in name of Rashidun Caliphs on Ghadeer, Muharram etc, to promote sectarianism and consider it as a political move against the offenders. Whereas the reality is totally opposite to this. Hazrat Umar (ra)’s martyrdom is either on 26th or 27th Zil Hajja but since Shias and Sunnis mourn for Imam Hussain (as) from 1st till 10th Muharram, they have purposefully started observing Hazrat Umar’s day on 1st Muharram. Similarly, when Muslims celebrate Ghadeer on 18th Zil Hajja they start dinning about Hazrat Usman (as)’s martyrdom whereas His martyrdom is actually either on 15th or 17th Zil Hajja. Their acts for creating disturbances and to promote sectarianism continue in other days as well.



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