Blasphemy Case, Shia lawyer make life hard for Takfiri complainant and biased police officer

Shiite News: On registering a fake case of blasphemy of Sahaba, a Shia lawyer Syed Ejaz Hussain Hamdani Advocate has made life of complainants and biased police tougher. After an honorable acquittal dignified lawyer issue, a notice of damages of Rs 100 Million to 4 Takfiri complainants and their favoring Polic officer by the intervention Syed Zia-ul-Hasnain Zaidi Advocate(High Court) and Muhammad Ameer Butt (Supreme Court of Pakistan).

In this notice Syed Ejaz Hussain Hamdani Advocate said local Takfiris Sher Khan s/o Sattar Muhammad, Muhammad Shabir s/o Fazal Elahi, Muhammad Siddique s/o Sher Khan resident of District Chakwal as well as Former Sub Inspector, SHO Police Station joint registered a fake case no 199/20 on allegations of blasphemy of Sahaba Karam u/s 298-A, 341,147,149-153 PPC.

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