Israel is a racist government that is committing serious human rights violations, Shireen Mazari

Shiite News: Pakistan’s Federal Minister Shireen Mazari said that Israel is seriously violating human rights, the Israeli government is a racist government.

She added while addressing a press conference in Islamabad that Israel is seriously violating human rights and their government is a racist government.

Mazari further said that earlier resolutions had been passed on Palestine. The UN Secretary-General would provide resources to the Commission of Inquiry.

Federal Minister reiterated that the United States and European countries will re-determine while giving arms to Israel that said weapons should not be used against Palestine.

She of the opinion that Israel is occupying the lands of the Palestinian people, Israel is committing war crimes against Palestine under the Geneva Conventions. Mazari also said that Israel is violating many human rights provisions.

She said that the adoption of the resolution on Israel’s war crimes in the Human Rights Council was a great achievement. Japan also distanced itself from the resolution, while China and Russia supported the resolution,the world is changing direction despite the opposition of powerful countries.

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