Operation in Hunza Nagar instead of Kohistan & Chilas: PPP scared of MWM’s popularity?

Gilgit-Kohistan-18-ShotGovernment has ordered an operation against “terrorists” in Hunza Nagar instead of Kohistan and Chilas. It is surprising for all because ferocious terrorists had perpetrated massacre of Shia Muslims in Kohistan and Chilas. People had anticipated operation against terrorists in Kohistan and Chilas and in the areas where they get oxygenated.
Why an operation has not been ordered against terrorists in those areas? This question has put the integrity and reliability of the PPP-led government and ruling coalition at stake. Why no operation against the perpetrators of Chilas and Kohistan tragedies?
Political observers have identified what they call two major factors of many other factors behind this decision. Political factor comes first. Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan Syed Mehdi Shah of the PPP has addressed a dinner party in Kharmang (Skardu). He welcomed the Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen’s decision to enter into politics. Mehdi Shah said that PPP was ready if the MWM contest elections.
The MWM has showed its street power, mass support it enjoys nowadays. MWM has not formally announced contesting elections. MWM has only held public meetings, protest rallies and demonstrations.
PPP-led ruling coalition should not have preferred its political interests to the security interests of whole of Pakistan. Terrorists and terrorism have to be thwarted. They must be eliminated. PPP-led ruling coalition should not have dealt with the MWM like PMLN. What are the merits of operation in Hunza Nagar and why no operation against the perpetrators of Chilas and Kohistan.
Another factor is pressure from the patrons of the terrorists. Reports had it that Saudi lobby patronized some outfits. There were reports that Saudi-funded terrorists training centers were working in Gilgit-Baltistan. Had the government sacrificed national legitimate interests? Saudi government should not help some outfits sowing the seeds of hatred among Pakistani nationals, let alone the funding of terrorists.
What could be other reasons behind decision to launch an operation against the terrorists? Federal interior minister Rehman Malik himself has made assurances to the leaderships of the MWM and other Shia parties, groups and individuals. He should keep his commitments. People need to know the philosophy of operation in Hunza Nagar and no operation against the perpetrators of Chilas and Kohistan tragedies.
Shia Muslims have sacrificed their lives but in response they have got injustices and unjust policies of the ruling coalition. They eye on the ruling coalition to abandon undemocratic and unjust policies. The democracy that has bowed to fanatics and terrorists is nothing but a sham democracy. The decision of no operation against Kohistan and Chilas tragedies’ culprits has itself challenged the democratic credentials of the ruling coalition.


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