Narowal Police beat Shia women and children severely and arrest 22 mourners

Narowal Police beat Shia women severely and arrest 22 people, including 7 women because they had participated in Chehlum anniversary of Imam Hussain-led Martyrs of Karbala.

The biased SHO Narowal City Police Taseer Riaz Cheema led team stormed into Mohammad Pura Mohallah. DPO Narowal Zulfikar Ahmed had ordered the SHO to raid houses; therefore, he did so.

Narowal Police beat Shia women and children severely

Narowal City Police violated sanctity of household and their privacy. They thrashed women and also injured children during the raid.

Biased SHO has named 20 Shia women in the fake case.

Shia Muslims lament that neither PTI government, nor the opposition parties and nor the human rights activists took notice of it.

They lamented that even violation of women’s rights had failed to evoke an instant reaction from the so-called champions of the human rights, children rights and women’s rights.

Till the filing of this report, police had not disclosed whereabouts of those arrested.

Ocean of mourners at Chehlum of Imam Hussain anniversary processions across Pakistan



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