Pakistan welcomes first ever open discussion of OIC HR body on Kashmir

Pakistan welcomes first ever open discussion of OIC HR body on Kashmir (IOK).

The spokesman for Foreign Office welcomed holding of OIC’s Human Rights Commission (IPHRC)’s first-ever “Open Discussion.”

Pakistan welcomes first ever

The body thrashed out the worsening human situation in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K) during its 16th Regular Session in Jeddah on 25-28 November 2019.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

While addressing weekly briefing, Dr Faisal lamented the worsening humanitarian nightmare in IOJ&K with continued military lockdown.

Besides, India’s complete communication blackout continues for over 126 days, which is affecting life and property of millions of innocent Kashmiris.

8 million Kashmiris suffer

Furthermore, he noted that over 8 million people in the IOJ&K remain cut-off from the world. Additionally, lack of medical supplies and other basic needs also remain a fact.

The spokesman said these inhuman and unilateral actions by India are continuing, despite widespread international condemnations.

India urged to release detainees

Pakistan urges that Indian government should immediately restore internet and mobile phone services and release all prisoners.

Specially, the FO emphasised release of civil society members and abducted young children, removal of Public Safety Act and other draconian laws.

He also called for allowing the independent media and international human rights observers to visit the region to independently observe the situation of the Kashmiri people.

UN and HR must do needful

Pakistan also urged the international community, the UN and other HR bodies to take notice of the brutal suppression of the religious rights and freedoms of the Kashmiri people.

Moreover, the FO spokesman cited all those remained in utter violation of international laws and conventions.

He said Indian government cannot suppress the aspirations of the people of IOJ&K for exercising the right to self-determination enshrined in the UNSC Resolutions.

Pakistan continues to internationally highlight the dire situation in the IOJ&K commonly known as IOK.

Due to August 5, 2019 decision

Since India’s illegal and unilateral actions of 5 August 2019, the plight of the Kashmiri people continues in the face of inhuman lockdown.

In this regard, Pakistan welcomed the holding of OIC’s Human Rights Commission (IPHRC)’s first-ever “Open Discussion.”


Meanwhile, all the Commission Members and a large number of the representatives of the OIC Member and Observer States attended that open discussion session.

It held under IPHRC’s “Standing Mechanism to Monitor Human Rights Situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir.”

Decisions at OIC forum

While addressing the situation in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir in all its dimensions, the Commission a) Strongly condemned the blatant violation of human rights in IOJ&K.

b) Reaffirmed the right of self-determination of the people of IOJ&K under the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions. c) Reiterated that India’s illegal steps of 5 August 2019 were illegal and void.

d) Condemned the continued use of pellet guns that killed and maimed innocent and unarmed civilians, use of arbitrary arrests and extrajudicial killings, as well as targeting of Kashmiri Muslims including peaceful protestors, under fabricated charges.

e) Reiterated its endorsement of the recommendation of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to establish a Commission of Inquiry under the UN auspices to comprehensively investigate all the allegations of human rights violations.

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