Don’t turn Pakistan into Kashmir for Shia Muslims thru enforced disappearance

Shia leaders have warned the regime to refrain from turning Pakistan into Kashmir.

Notably, they issued this alert to the power that be at a joint press conference in Multan.

Most importantly, they announced countrywide protest on Sunday against enforced disappearance of Shia Muslims.

Those who spoke included: MWM leader Nasir Shirazi, ISO CP Qasim Shamsi, senior clerics Allama Shabbir Bukhari, Allama Hasnain Gardezi.

Furthermore, Allama Haider Abbas, Allama Iqtidar Naqvi, Allama Nadir Abbas Alvi and Allama Tahir Abbas Naqvi also spoke.

Moreover, they said that they would stage sit-in outside house of Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Sunday.

Unfortunately, the authorities subjected Shia Muslims to enforced disappearance without any charge and without right to fair trial.


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