Pakistan sees Russia a part of solution to Kashmir crisis

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan sees possibility of Russia becoming a part of the solution to the Kashmir crisis.

He expressed this optimism, speaking to Paula Slier of Russia’s Kremlin-backed international broadcaster RT in Islamabad.

However, the world’s inadequate reaction to Indian crimes in Kashmir dejected Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Imran doesn’t think that the world has reacted as it should have as the international community response didn’t come up to expectation of Pakistan.

Furthermore, Khan emphasised that Moscow and Islamabad should give their relations a fresh start burying cold war legacy. He also urged Russia and other world powers to play their role to resolve the issue of Kashmir.

He cited that India has put eight million people under siege in Kashmir amid complete news blackout.

Moreover, Prime Minister Khan lamented that India has rounded up some 4,000 people in Kashmir amid witch-hunt during curfew.

He referred to the fact that India annexed occupied Kashmir unilaterally; therefore, naturally, people of the valley cannot accept this situation.

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