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Several injured in Bahrain crackdown

Several injured in Bahrain crackdownSeveral anti-regime Bahraini protesters have been injured in attacks by security forces at a demonstration in the village of Dair

On Wednesday, regime forces used poisonous tear gas and sound bullets to disperse anti-government protesters in Dair, located on the northern coast of the Muharraq Island. 

Demonstrations were also held in the northwestern villages of Muqaba and Diraz, the northeastern town of Sitra and the Ma’ameer village, about 15 kilometers (9.5 miles) south of the capital Manama. 

Bahraini demonstrators continue protests against the ruling Al Khalifa regime despite a violent crackdown by Saudi-backed security forces. 

On Tuesday, 55-year-old Fakhria Jassim died after inhaling poisonous tear gas fired by regime forces in efforts to break up another anti-regime demonstration in an area near Manama. 

Jassim was the third victim of the brutal crackdown on protests since late November 2011. 

Dozens of people have been killed and hundreds more have been arrested or fired from their jobs since the beginning of the popular uprising in Bahrain in February 2011. 

In addition, many health workers, teachers, opposition figures and human rights activists in Bahrain are still facing trial or serving prison terms over participation in demonstrations. 

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