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Bahrain Seeking Indonesian Mercenaries to Help End Popular Uprising

gholizadeh20110412011550280A noted Saudi scholar has claimed that Bahrain’s embattled Al Khalifa royal family is seeking Indonesian mercenaries to help maintain its iron grip over the country…

According to the Shiite News monitoring desk,Ali al-Ahmad, head of Washington-based think-tank the Institute for Gulf Affairs, said on Sunday that Bahraini officials had traveled to Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan “to seek more mercenaries and more weapons.”

“The Saudis are doing the same trying to invite Indonesia and Malaysia to send military troops to protect the monarchy; and we see that from Jordan as well.”

He said the Bahraini monarchy was “at the end of its rope.”

“They do not trust even the loyalists in Bahrain so they need to seek mercenaries from elsewhere — and these mercenaries will one day be captured and tried in public.”

Bahraini authorities in mid-March crushed a month-long protest movement on the streets led by Shiite demonstrators calling for democratic reform in the discriminate-ruled state.

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