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Egyptian Lawyers Call on Government to Halt Broadcast of “Fadak Television Channel”

fadak-chennalTwo Egyptian lawyers had filed a lawsuit against the government aimed at halting broadcast of a Fadak channel currently carried by Egypt’s Nilesat satellite station on the pretext that the channel attacks sacred Sunni symbols,  judicial sources said on Sunday.

The sources said the two Islamist lawyers, Tarek Abu Bakr and Nizar Ghorab, had filed their suit against the Minister of Information and the chairman of Nilesat calling for the Fadak channel, which regulalrly broadcasts a program presented by the so-called Kuwaiti Shia preacher  Yasser Habib, to be blocked. In the lawsuit, the lawyers accuse Habib of insulting Prophet Mohammed’s wife, Lady Aisha, and the Islamic Caliphs, according to the source.

Earlier this month, Kuwait officially revoked Habib’s citizenship after accusing the 31-year-old of having “offended Sunni Muslims.” In 2004, Habib was sentenced to ten years in prison by a Kuwaiti court for having made “offensive comments.

All Shia religious scholars rejected the offensive remarks by the so-called Kuwaiti Shia preacher “Yasser Habib”. They say that Yasser Habib’s offensive statements are not just against Shia School of Thoughts but it will cause that Wahhabi Takfiris issue Fatwas against innocent Shias to kill them.

It is said that the so-called Shia Television Channel (FADAK) is broadcasting and supporting in the UK aimed to sow the seed of discord between Shia and Sunnis.

Meanwhile Shia high religious scholars have opposed the so-called Shia Television Channel.

Tensions have mounted recently between some Gulf State governments and their Shia minority populations, particularly in Kuwait and Bahrain.


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