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Militant Groups in Syria Urge “Israel” to Bomb Hezbollah, Army Positions

The armed terrorist groups operating in Syria against the national military have sought help from the Zionist authorities, calling on them to bomb positions of Hezbollah and the Syrian army located in the southern region on borders with occupied Golan, Mendi Safadi, a Zionist Druze who served as former Likud deputy minister Ayoub Kara’s chief of staff, said.

In an interview with the Zionist news website Jerusalem Post, the official who is in frequent contact with the “Syrian opposition”, said he relayed messages from them to the Zionist Prime Minister’s Office that “Israel should give Hezbollah and Iran another hard hit.”

“The warning came to alert the IDF, before the axis is able to take the Syrian Golan that borders Israel,” the website quoted him as saying, indicating that “a Syrian rebel commander in the South vowed to wage guerrilla war against the Lebanese group Hezbollah and Syrian government forces.”

The Syrian army and allied forces have launched a major offensive against takfiri groups in the sensitive border region near Jordan and occupied Palestine, focusing in an area south of Damascus that is the last notable foothold of the armed takfiri groups fighting against the Syrian army and occupying swathes of civilian residential areas.

“Safadi has independently met with members of the liberal and democratic Syrian opposition who oppose the Islamists and want friendly relations with Israel,” the Zionist website reported.

According to Jerusalem Post, “Safadi met a week and a half ago with Syrian rebel leaders in Bulgaria and has traveled in the region, met with activists, and relayed messages from them to the Prime Minister’s Office.”

Moreover, “he was responsible for relaying the congratulatory letters from the Syrian opposition to then President-elect Reuven Rivlin,” it added.

Safadi told the Zionist website that “over the past few days there has been a heavy battle going on between the forces aided by Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah against the Syrian opposition,” underlying that “the Syrian axis is ‘using all means’ to achieve their objective of taking the area in southern Syria that borders Israel.”

“The rebels have succeeded in some areas, but have been hit hard,” he added.

The armed terrorist groups have suffered many wounded over the past few days, which Safadi believes will lead to more takfiri gunmen crossing into the Zionist entity for medical treatment.

Safadi said that around 2,000 gunmen have been treated in the entity.

“The Syrian opposition contacted me yesterday [Wednesday] in a Whatsapp message and asked for me to relay a message to the [Zionist] prime minister that Israel should give Hezbollah and Iran another hard hit to stop their progress,” reported Safadi.

The Zionist warplanes attacked on Jan.11 a Hezbollah convoy in Syria’s Quneitra, killing six fighters and an Iranian commander.

The Free Syrian Army commander of a large unit in southern Syria, who communicated with Safadi and did not want to be identified, claimed that the Syrian allied forces intend to reach the border with occupied Palestine and use it to carry out terrorist attacks against the Jewish entity.

“The commander relayed to me coordinates where Syrian and Hezbollah forces are located,” said Safadi, adding that he cannot reveal this information.

He went on to say that “the Syrian government is getting a tremendous amount of support from Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia, and the rebels in the South are simple people without a proper army or weapons.”

A Zionist official briefed on intelligence claimed the current offensive on takfiri groups in south Syria “involves Hezbollah more heavily than in previous operations.”

Safadi said that al-Nusra Front has a small presence in the South and that Zionists are prohibited from contacting them since it is classified as terrorist organization.
“Israel is only in contact with the Free Syrian Army, as it is in the country’s security interest to weaken the Islamists,” he said.

In Safadi’s opinion, the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) terrorist group is getting all of the media attention because they are burning people, but their numbers are less than other Western-backed armed groups.


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