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Syria’s Air Defense System Successful against Enemy Aircraft: Russia

The Russian Air Defense Force Commander announced On Sunday that the Tor anti-aircraft missile system had destroyed more than 45 combat drones in Syria.

Alexander Leonov said “Since the beginning of the combat mission, the Tor anti-aircraft missile system has managed to destroy more than 45 combat drones (in Syria),” AlMasdar News reported.

The commander pointed out that “the short-range anti-aircraft missile system with various modifications is the main means to combat precision weapons and tactical combat aircraft”.

Leonov said that “a replica of the craft drones that fighters of illegal armed groups in Syria have been made for the practical test of destroying these small targets.”

He had previously announced that the threat of terrorists using drones could increase not only in Syria, but also in any country of the world .

The Russian military expert, Viktor Murakhovsky, previously believed that the technical level of drones that militants have used in Syria over the past few years has developed, but even after the terrorists have self-developed their drones, they are far below international standards.

Syria currently possesses several Russian-made air defense systems, including the Tor and S-300, the latter being delivered by the Russian Ministry of Defense to the Arab Republic on October 1st, 2018.


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