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Syria army retakes village near Aleppo

The Syrian army has captured a village in the countryside of Aleppo, marking the latest gain in a push to control the key city.

According to reports on Wednesday, the Syrian army troops took control of Kfar Najad village as they fight to cut the last supply route for the foreign-backed militants in Aleppo.

Reports said that the army managed to kill many terrorists in the operation.

The recent gains enable the Syrian army to control the areas of the city that fell to the militants two years ago.

On October 12, the Syrian army engaged in fierce fighting with the Takfiri terrorists operating in the Ein Tarma valley, located in the eastern al-Ghouta region, and managed to push them back from the area.

The Ein Tarma valley is strategically important to the Takfiri groups as it connects militant-held towns to safe zones near the capital, Damascus.

Late last month, Syrian forces also regained control of Adra al-Omalia, located northeast of the capital, after killing large numbers of extremist terrorists.

In recent months, the Syrian army has gradually been liberating a corridor of territory from Damascus to the Mediterranean coast, recapturing towns and villages along the main north-south highway and in the mountainous Qalamoun region along the border with Lebanon.

Syria has been gripped by deadly conflict since 2011. More than 191,000 people have so far been killed during the more than three years of foreign-backed militancy in the country.


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