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Syrian Command: Military Units Made Qualitative Achievements in Idlib 

The Syrian Army and Armed Forces General Command announced in a statement on Wednesday that the Syrian Arab Army units operating in Idlib southern countryside have made qualitative field achievements, inflicting heavy losses on terrorists in the personnel and equipment.

The Army and Armed Forces General Command said: “Over the past few days, our brave soldiers have been able to establish control over many towns, villages and strategic hills including Kafranbel, Kafr Sajneh, al-Sheikh Mustafa, Hass, Ma’aret Harmeh, Deir Sonboul, al-Dar al-Kabira, Hazarin, Shinshrah and Ba’rbou after eliminating large numbers if terrorists and cutting their supply routes.”

The statement added that “The importance of the new liberated areas comes from the fact that they represent the fortified depth for armed terrorism in Idlib southern countryside and they link Shahshabou mountain and al-Ghab Palin on one hand, in addition to linking the countryside of Hama and Idlib with al-Zawyia Mountain on the other hand.”

The statement affirmed that as the Army General Command announces the liberations of these areas, it affirms that the army will continue to carry out its sacred national duties and its determination to liberate all the lands of the Syrian Arab Republic from terrorism and its backers and to eliminate it completely.

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