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Syrian Army Seizes Al Tah Village in Idlib Province

Syrian forces Seizes Al Tah Village in Idlib Province, Al Tah is located 45 kilometres (28 miles) away from the province’s capital.

Syrian government troops have retaken Al Tah village in the Idlib province, Col. Munzer Dasher told reporters.

Dasher added that militants tried to retake the village several days ago, but faced resistance from the army. Syrian forces managed to repel all the advances from the militants, including suicide attacks.

Colonel showed captured weaponry to reporters, adding that “militants continue shelling our villages and cities.”

Idlib, which has been designated a de-escalation zone, remains one of the last territories partly outside the control of the central Syrian government.

The province is the last stronghold of militants in the Arab republic. According to Syrian President Bashar Assad, liberating Idlib is essential to putting an end to the nation’s civil conflict.


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