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Syrian General Command Announces Liberating khan Sheikhoun and other towns

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces announced liberating khan Sheikhoun city, towns of Morek, Latamina, M’aerkaba, and Lahaya Gharbiyah, Lahaya Sharqiyah, Kaab al-Faras, and a number of strategic hills in Hama northern countryside and Idlib southern countryside after inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists in personnel and arms.

In a statement on Friday, the General Command said with great determination and absolute confidence in victory, our armed forces operating in north Hama and south of Idlib continued advance, chasing down armed terrorist organizations, which were positioned in the area, inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and arms.

The General Command added that after intensive strikes over the past days on positions of terrorists in Hama northern countryside, our brave soldiers managed to clear the following towns and villages: khan Sheikhoun, Morek, Latamina, Talet al-Saiyad, al-Mistwd’at, Wadi al-Anz, Wadi al-Assal, Kafar Zita, Latmin, M’aerkaba, and Lahaya Gharbiyah, Lahaya Sharqiyah, Tal Fas, Tal Latmin, Wadi Hasmin, Wadi Qasmin, and Kaab al-Faras.

The General Command indicated that the progress is underway and that made the armed terrorist groups lose their ability to stop our army’s heroes, who are determined to clear all the Syrian territory from the terrorism and its supporters.

The statement added that the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces announce the areas and their surroundings free of armed terrorism, and confirms that the work is underway to clear all these villages and towns from IEDs, and dense minefields planted by terrorists when they were positioned there to enable the citizens to return their houses and farmlands as soon as possible.

-Liberating khan Sheikhoun

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