Hezbollah Announces Electoral Alliances in Beirut, Baabda

Hezbollah Media Relations Department announced on Friday that an electoral alliance has been formed with the Amal Movement, Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Democratic Party in Baabda, announcing forming the “National Accord” list which includes the parliamentary candidates: Ali Ammar, Fadi Alami, Alain Aoun, Hikmat Deeb, Naji Garious, and Suhail Al-Aawar.

Hezbollah also announced reaching an electoral alliance with Amal Movement, Islamic Projects Association, Free Patriotic Movement, and local figures, and forming Beirut’s Unity List in which includes the parliamentary candidates: Amin Sherri, Adnan Trabolsi, Omar Ghandour, Mohammad Khawaja, Mohammad Baasirir, and Edgar Trabolsi.


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