Hezbollah Insists on Lebanon’s Full Rights, Rejects Israeli De Facto Gas Extraction from Disputable Maritime Fields: Sheikh Qassem

Hezbollah deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed that the Resistance will not allow the Israeli enemy to waste time in order to impose extracting gas from the disputable maritime zone as de facto, adding that all the promises to postpone the solution in this regard are rejected.

Addressing Hezbollah ceremony to mark the fortieth emergence anniversary, Sheikh Qassem indicated tha Hezbollah insists on securing Lebanon’s full rights pertaining the maritime borders and resources.

Locally, Sheikh Qasssem reiterated Hezbollah call for a speedy cabinet formation, adding that the having an effective government is certainly more feasible than keeping with a ministerial void.

Sheikh Qassem also noted that the US administration and its allies in Lebanon are trying to delay the government creation till the end of the presidential term, adding that those who hinder the cabinet formation do not have the right to play the role of the opposition.


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