Keenness on good relations with the states must be mutual: Hezbollah Bloc

The “Loyalty to the Resistance” parliamentary bloc on Thursday called the government to keep in mind that alternatives are still available if the international sides negotiation Lebanon’s financial rescue push for improper concessions.

“Keenness on good relations with the states must be mutual,” the bloc maintained in a statement issued following its weekly meeting.

“The bloc regrets the voices encouraging compromises and justifying for the other sides their attempts to dictate conditions on Lebanon, hence putting the Lebanese negotiator in the position of the defeated,” the statement read.

On a different note, the bloc announced that it had submitted five law proposals to the Parliament relevant to the mitigation of citizens’ tribulations amid the spread of coronavirus and the repercussions it had caused.

The bloc did not fail to greet the Lebanese upon the Resistance and Liberation Day. “The Resistance and Liberation Day is a national day on which the Lebanese sense their ability to defend their nation, presence, and interests, and defeat the invaders by cleaving to the Army-People-Resistance equation.”


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