Islamic Resistance Expanding, Its Victories Are Surprising: General Ali Jafari

The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) announced that the defeat of ISIL terrorist group (Daesh) is an outcome of the efforts made by the Islamic Revolution’s front outside the country.

“The Islamic Revolution has two internal and external aspects,” said Major General Mohammad-Ali Jafari adding that the external aspect of the Islamic Revolution “is summed up in Islamic Resistance both in the region and worldwide.”

Addressing a local ceremony held in the Iranian capital on Thursday, the IRGC commander said, “The Islamic Resistance is expanding’ and its victories continue in a surprising way.”

Undoubtedly, he added, these victories are resulted from all-out efforts made by those who fight “in the Islamic Revolution’s front.”

“Today, the regional countries are witnessing the consecutive victories and the complete defeat of enemies’ plans against the Islamic Revolution,” Jaafari added.


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