Saudi Arabia provided 3 planeloads of weapons to Jaish ul-Adl terrorists: IRGC

A senior Iranian commander says Saudi Arabia has provided at least three planeloads of weapons and equipment to a terrorist group conducting acts of terror against the Islamic Republic.

Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour, the commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)’s Ground Forces, made the announcement on Tuesday and said members of the so-called Jaish ul-Adl terrorist group operating on the northwestern, western and southeastern borders of the country are well-armed and equipped, which shows the terrorists enjoy the “all-out backing of the US, Saudi Arabia and their regional allies.”

Pakpour added that the IRGC Ground Forces had dealt a “heavy blow” to the terrorists despite such support for them.

The so-called Jaish ul-Adl terrorist group, which is based in Pakistan, has been behind several bomb attacks and kidnappings in the southeast of Iran.

Terrorist groups carrying out similar attacks against Iranian interests in southeastern and southwestern parts of the country have known links to Saudi Arabia and a number of other repressive regimes in the Persian Gulf region.

Riyadh is widely believed to be a key sponsor of Takfiri terrorists, who are inspired by Wahhabism, an extremist ideology preached by Saudi clerics. The extremist ideology promoted by Riyadh has put Saudi Arabia and Iran on the opposing sides of various conflicts across the Middle East.

-planeloads of weapons

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