Hezbollah: Bahraini Developments Prove Autocratic Nature of the Regime

Hezbollah on Thursday strongly condemned as repressive the Bahraini regime decision to suspend activities of prominent opposition group al-Wefaq and to dissolve al-Tawiya and al-Risala Islamic associations.

In a statement released by Hezbollah Media Relations, the party said the Al-Khalifa regime move represents a flagrant violation to human rights and freedom.

The decision represents the “autocratic nature of the ruling regime in Bahrain,” the statement said, adding that this autocracy was clear through killing protesters, arresting activists and exerting all forms of oppression and blockade on civilians.

“These crimes have been targeting most of Bahraini people without taking the political, religious and ethical grounds into consideration.”

The statement added that the dissolved groups are not violent organizations, and that they did not adopt ideas that harm society.

“These associations do exert peace in both their ideas and activities, something which makes the regime’s crime more oppressive since it further stifles the popular movement and deepens the political and social crisis in the country.”

Meanwhile, Hezbollah slammed the international community “which claims to be keen to preserve freedom and adopt democratic slogans” over its silence regarding the Bahraini people’s rights to express itself and exert peaceful political activities.

In this context, the Lebanese resistance party called on the international community to hold its responsibility regarding this issue.

“Indeed, the Bahraini regime would not dare to commit such oppressive actions without support from its sponsors, on top of which is the Saudi regime,” the statement said.

On the other hand, Hezbollah stressed that such repression will not break the will of the Bahraini people as it will not affect the peacefulness of the pro-democracy movements in the country.

Hezbollah salutes the steadfast people of Bahrain,” who taught the world how to be firm against all forms of oppression, stressing its right to use peaceful means in a bid to force the authorities to adopt the political solution” rather than relying on violent choices.


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