Turkish Youth Association members attack US forces in Antalya

shia youthA group of Turkish Youth Association (TGB) members have attacked American forces in Turkey’s southern city of Antalya where the USS Abraham Lincoln has docked.

On Tuesday, a group of seven TGB members attacked American soldiers who had left the US aircraft carrier and entered the city to do shopping.

The group verbally assaulted the US forces and tried to put bags over the soldiers’ heads when police intervened and arrested them.

Following their arrest, another group of TGB members gathered in front of the police station to protest the detention of their friends. The detained members were later released.

Meanwhile, a number of the Turkish Labour Party members staged a sit-in in one of the squares in Antalya to protest the presence of the aircraft carrier in the city’s harbour, shouting anti-American slogans.

The US ship docked at the port of Antalya on Tuesday, where it will stay until July 22. The USS Abraham Lincoln has a crew of 5,000 sailors and 80 aircraft.

According to the Pentagon, the USS Abraham Lincoln left the Fifth Fleet’s zone of responsibility and passed through the Suez Canal on July 16, en route to the United States.

The USS Abraham Lincoln will be replaced by the USS Dwight Eisenhower, which would have been left alone in the Middle East region for several months had the Defense Department not approved the early deployment of the USS John C. Stennis.

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