Occupied Kashmir, Shia leader condemns the deadly attack on Muharram marchers in Karachi

occupiedkashmir-300x263 Addressing thousands of mourners during a Muharram procession in Magam in central Kashmir on Tuesday, Agha Hassan Budghami said history shows the fact that Islam had suffered the most from elements who tarnished its name for power and supremacy even when their character was opposed to the religion. Severely condemning the deadly attack on Muharram marchers in Karachi, Agha Hassan said that the “black deed” had been perpetrated by the worst enemies of Islam who wanted to tear world Muslim unity asunder and destabilize Pakistan. “The Pakistan government’s war on elements defaming Islam and the country is timely and justified,” Agha Hassan said. Regretting the incidents during Muharram processions in Iran, the Shia leader said that the US and Israel were using their coffers to sabotage the Islamic revolution in the country. “But the coffers and arsenals of the US and Israel will not weaken the Iranian system which is based on the Quran and the Sunnah,” he said. Describing the incidents in Pakistan and Iran as results of conspiracies, Agha Hassan, also an executive member of Hurriyat Conference, cautioned against what he described as “Indian tools” which he said were always playing up such events to harm the freedom struggle in the state.

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