let’s learn about our great lady ZAINAB (a.s.)


you with the praise of Allah, are a scholar not taught (by anyone on earth)

and have (a devinely blessed) understanding not provided by anyone (on earth).

– imam ali ibn husain as-sajjad (a.s.) –


Alqaab (titles): Al-‘Aqeelah,Al-‘Alimah,Al-Kamilah,Al-Fadhilah,As-Siddiqah as-Sughra,  Umm ul-Masa’aib

Date of birth: 1st Shaban, 6 hijrah

Dlace of birth: Madinah

Father’s name: Ali ibn abi talib (a.s.)

Mother’s name: Fatimah bint muhammad (pbhu & hp)

our great lady AALIMATU GHAYRU MU’ALLAMAH, AQEELATU BANI HASHIM, as-SAYYEDAH ZAINAB(a.s.) was the grand daughter of the seal of the prophets and the greatest of all the messengers, the habeebullah, the beloved, praised and holy, the first creation of Allah, an-noor ul-awwal, prophet muhammad bin abdullah bin abd ul-muttalib bin hashim (saawaw) and the daughter of ameer ul-mumineen, imam ul-muttaqeen, sayyid ul-awsiaa, batal ul-abtaal, ghaalibu kulli ghaalib, asadullah, aynullah, lisanullah, wajhullah, ali ibn abi talib (a.s.) and the leader of all the noble ladies of the paradise, of the earlier and the later generations,  as-siddiqat ul-kubra, fatimat uz-zahraa (a.s.) al-batool al-azraa.

her remarkable life, unparralled ma’refatullah, unforgettable speeches and unsurpassable services proclaimed to the world, the sacrifices of sayyed us-shuhadaa imam husayn bin ali (a.s.) and other members of the progeny of the holy prophet (saawaw) in karbalaa in the year 61 hejrah, for the cause of islam, quraan and it’s great uncompromisable values.

had it not been for her, the tragedy of karbalaa would have faded into oblivion.

her irfaan, tawakkul, taqwa, zuhd, shahamat, karamat, shuja’at, sabr, isteqamat, wara’, ridhaa, ikhlaas, eemaan, courage, resilience, steadfastness, patience, forbearance and submission to the Almighty Allah (s), are all second to none, and shall continue to inspire all people of conscience, dignity and reason who will learn her story, for all times to come, today, tommorrow and forever.

Her history

lady ZAINAB’s grandfather, from the maternal side, was prophet muhammad (s) who exploded spring of knowledge and wisdom on this earth, founded the features of civilization and development, constructed a noble society controlled by justice and law, smashed the customs, superstitions, and pagans of the savage, tribal society that prevailed in the arab peninsula, called for worshipping the one creator, and brought to his nation abundant goodness. indeed, almighty allah sent prophet muhammad (pbuh & hp) as mercy for humankind.

from this great personality, lady ZAINAB inherited defense of the haqq and struggle for elevating the word of Allah highly.

her grandmother, from the maternal side, was khadijah who supported islam in its darkest days, struggled for sake of Allah in the ever-best way, and spent her entire fortune for sake of her religion. she therefore has been one of the two supports on which islam relied in existence. the prophet (pbuh & hp)  used to appreciate for his loyal wife her situation in her life and after

Her death.

from this great grandmother, lady ZAINAB inherited the highest moral standards and perseverance on principles. copying her grandmother, she supported her brother, imam al-husayn (a), in his revolution and supplies his great uprising with elements of eternity.

lady ZAINAB’s father is imam ‘ali amir al-mu’minin (commander of the faithful believers): chief of the prophets’ successors, leader of the pious ones, and head of the worshippers. ‘ali was the representative, successor, and heir of prophet muhammad (pbuh & hp). his merits are innumerable and his situations for sake of Allah are incomparable. he was the most knowledgeable, the most self-possessed, the most magnanimous, the most generous, the most ascetic, the most courageous, the most reputable the best worshipper, the most loyal, the most faithful, and the most pious among all.

Her hadeeth

sermon in sham in the face of yazeed (la’nat ullahi alay hi)

after she saw yazid disrespecting the head of her brother (as) with a cane.  she stood and said:

“God says, and he says the truth, the end of miscreants will be awful, those who belied the signs of God and mocked them.  oh yazid, do you feel that you have made our life miserable and existence impossible?    and you think that God has dishonoured us and that you have been honoured and elevated?  this apparent success of yours is the result of grandeur of your might and lofty status for which you are proud…. you feel that you have conquered the whole world and your affairs are organised and that our domain is now under you control…

wait!  wait!  let not your ignorance make you so elated for have you not heard god’s words – let not those who disbelieve think that our giving them respite is good for themselves.  we only give respite to them so that they may increase in sins and for them is a disgraceful chastisement. (3:177)

oh you the son of freed slaves!  is this your justice that the ladies of your house remain veiled and we the prophet’s daughters should be paraded from place to place?  you have thus insulted our dignity….

oh yazid!  your misdeed has proved your rebellion against god…. and this action of yours comes as no surprise from a person whose ancestors chewed the liver of such saintly martyrs.  the descendants of such enemies of god should naturally be the most deadly!

oh yazid!  you are happily disrespecting the teeth of husain even though it was the place of kissing for the holy prophet!

oh yazid!  you did what you wished, but remember that you have cut your own skin, in the near future you will be taken in the presence of the holy prophet.  on that occasion you will be burdened with the sins of the misdeed committed by you shedding the blood of his progeny and dishonouring the sanctity of his family.

oh yazid!  it does not befit you to get inflated with joy after slaying the prophet’s progeny and reckon not those slain in the way of god to be dead: nay! alive they are with their lord, being sustained, rejoicing in what god has granted them”  (2:168)

oh yazid! feel not elated with our defeat, for you will have to pay the penalty of it on the day when you will be rewarded for your misdeeds.   god is not unjust to anyone.  we trust in him.  he is our place of refuge.  in him we seek sanctity and with him rest our hopes!

you can never reach the level of our lofty position, nor can you destroy our remembrances, nor can you wipe out the ignominy you have earned for yourself by your abominable and vile performance.  your decisions are poor and your days are numbered.  your party will disperse the day when the announcer will announce – ‘god’s curse be on tyrants and transgressors’.


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