Parachinar; at the edge of Geographical Risk

parachinar_mapParachinar; at the edge of Geographical Risk

Written By Riaz Ali Toori:

Earthly heaven paradise is burning from last many years in the fire of terrorism, life is totally paralyzed, prices are touching the sky,poverty has made the life of public in hell, hospitals are lacking medicine, all roads connecting the area with rest of country are blocked and communication with rest parts of Pakistan and world is broken. People are confronted with eternal socio-conomic and security problems. Area is on sliding and aggressive sentiments of extremism; revenge, rebellion and sectarianism are getting higher.

People ask me “ do you know nothing other than these few above sentences writing persistently” my eyes get wet, head bows and lips whisper “what I write new while my all pains, wounds, troubles and injuries are elderly and infinite? How can I conceal my sighs while seeing my hometown in permanent war of sectarianism and terrorism? My school where I have learnt ABC,  the hospitals where I am cured, the college where I have studied, the roads on which I have travelled, the springs where I have drunk clean healthy water, the rivers where I have swim and have caught fish , the valley where I have listen to the melodies of small spring birds, the hills and the green yards where my cattle were grazing and everything there have brought me up are stained with blood of innocent people then how can I take my breaths peacefully, how can I be smiled? I never ask for ever more fundamental rights that a man is enjoying in civilized democratic societies, not I am craving for the sanctioning of development projects, up gradation of electric grade station-college and construction of ruined hospitals while I am crying for the rescue of my life and for the peace of my area. Beheaded dead bodies, without limbs, ears, noses and maltreated human bodies give pains and traumas. This everything is happening in my hometown and in each town of FATA.

The people of tribal area will never pardon the heartless and spiteful dictator Zia who turned their area into the breeding ground of terrorism, combats and slaughtering. Prior to him people in FATA were living with their affectionate culture and friendly strange traditions with great enthusiasm for advancement and modernization. But he planted hate and hatred in their hearts by transplanting terrorism camps there in the name of so-called holy war.

How much powerful terrorists in the area of Charpi Morr, Totkasa, Sada-a tehsil of the lower part of Kurram Agency and in the tehsil of Hango are can be simply resolute from the tragedy took place on the Saturday dated 14th May, 2010 when 64 people travelling by ten vehicles were kidnapped by them easily. Neither law enforcement agencies nor Pakistani police could recover them while the local Jirga by dialogue with miscreants unchained few of them from their brutal hands, few fled away and ten are still in their custody. Ten in custody would either be beheaded or would be set on fire alive. Not for first it is taking place on the Thal-Peshawar road while time and again men, women and children from Parachinar are attacked, kidnapped and tortured on this road. In the past whenever these terrorists have kidnapped the people, they have tortured them very ruthlessly and brutally by cutting their noses, ears, limbs, feet and beheading at end and then either throwing into the open fields or sending the dead bodies in parts to their home towns. A group of miscreants now a day are found involved in human trade that they kidnap the people in tribal areas even in Peshawar, Bannu, Kohat, Mardan and other settled areas of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa for ransom. As the people in Parachinar receive the maltreated dead bodies of their beloveds they become aggressive and violent as a result the area comes under continual war of sectarianism. Clashes between Toori tribe and Taliban so far have brought great harm with thousand of men, women and children casualties with an irreparable damage to the basic infrastructure of earthly heaven Parachinar. The road is blockaded for the people of Parachinar for last three years and whenever it opens the tragedies of same nature take place. These miscreants are identified and are great risk for the safety and security of Pakistan not only to the people of Parachinar. The Toori tribe of Parachinar in diplomatic ways over and over again has raised the issue before government but so far nothing has been taken place in positive.

While talking to a public protest by Students from Parachinar on Eid-ul-Fitter Interior Minister Rehman Malik pledged that within fifteen days Thal-Parachinar road would not only opened while it would be made secure for the people of Parachinar but very heartrending that Nine months passed neither road could open nor security is brought to the people of Parachinar. It seems that present government is least interested in the issue of Parachinar while Shaheed Z.A Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto had greatly loved the Parachinar and the people of Parachinar. They both had personally visited Parachinar as PMs of Pakistan and had done a lot for the progress and stability of the area. Today what Parachinar is having though in very less are only because of the efforts of PPP’s assassinated leaders. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto had an affectionate promise with people of Parachinar just before giving life for the wellbeing of Pakistan that “coming into power she would once again make Parachinar the piece of heaven” but present government did nothing so far to keep the promise of Benazir up righted. No air trips are being sanctioned by the government despite the fact that Shaheed Benazir Bhutto had not only constructed the Parachinar Airport as but had also sanctioned three PIA weekly flights from Peshawar to Parachinar.

Apart of this the ANP’s interests are cramped to the few districts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa i.e. Charsada, Mardan and very few others. They are doing nothing for the rest districts of province as well as have no concept for the wellbeing of FATA. The issue of terrorism is getting worst day by day and still dark days are behind. The tragedy of Faisal Shehzad who was arrested before the brutal killing of innocent people take place around the “Time Square” refreshed the US antagonistic feelings towards FATA though neither Faisal Shehzad belongs to any region of FATA nor every tribesman has such abased ambitions.

The government must take immediate action for the rescue of Parachinar otherwise the area is at edge of geographical risk. Fierce actions same as the Pakistan Army had taken in Swat and is taking in other tribal areas against terrorist are needed to be taken against miscreants around the Thal-Peshawar road.


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