Corporate Media: Iran, Russia Winning Proxy War against US in Syria

Western media outlets are the right arm of the running regime-change campaign in Syria by the United States and the mere extras.

Here, you would expect them to embrace the myth of war: success for Western democracy. On the contrary. Many in the US are no longer repeating clichés they used to employ to justify the illegal war on Syria. They are unwilling to sanitise the war, much less ignore its consequences.

They now only trust what they see with their eyes. And what they see is not what they necessarily like: admit defeat in this carefully edited and photoshopped proxy warfare:

1- The Syrian military is no longer foundering, all thanks to its allies Iran, Russia and Hezbollah. Rebel fighters are no longer able to push into areas of the country long considered to be government strongholds either. Their US-backed counter-offensives in places like Aleppo have all but failed – despite being aided by powerful tank-destroying missiles supplied by the Central Intelligence Agency and Saudi Arabia.

2- Backed by allied ground forces, the Russian air campaign has sent the CIA-backed rebel forces into retreat. Rebel commanders, clinging to besieged neighbourhoods in the divided city of Aleppo, say their shipments of CIA-provided antitank missiles are drying up. Direct combats are running in many other places as well, with rebel forces similarly reaching the end of their ropes.

3- We all know a Hilary Clinton email has already confirmed that the Obama administration deliberately led the war on Syria as the “best way to help Israel.” Clinton wrote it was the “right thing” to personally threaten President Bashar Assad’s family with death. In the email, released by Wikileaks, then Secretary of State Clinton says the “best way to help Israel” is to “use force” to overthrow the government. The email proves the US government is the main sponsor of terror in Syria and the region, and all in order to “protect” Israel.

4- The refugee crisis which currently threatens to destroy Europe was directly sparked off by this US government action as well. The UN says some 400,000 people have been killed in the conflict, which has spread to Iraq – all thanks to the US government backing the “moderate” agents of disintegration. What is disturbing and deeply shocking in all this is the possibility that a war criminal like Clinton, the queen of war, could also become the next president of the United States.

5- As maintained by the Woodrow Wilson Centre in Washington, Iran and Russia have won the proxy war in Syria. US media outlets say this has given Tehran and Moscow new leverage in security decisions about the future of the Middle East.

6- That the US administration is trying to talk to Iran and Russia about a plan to share intelligence and coordinate airstrikes against ISIL and other terror groups is not surprising. What is surprising is that Iran and Russia have thus far met their lawful goals without becoming caught in a quagmire that some “pundits” — including President Obama — had predicted they would. Before the intervention, Obama had said, “An attempt by Russia and Iran to prop up Assad and try to pacify the population is just going to get them stuck in a quagmire, and it won’t work.”

Guess what, it worked, even though the CIA moved to counter the humanitarian intervention by funnelling additional TOW missiles to its proxies.

Now after their miserable defeat, the US and NATO countries can’t wait to bomb ISIL to save face. In this new charade, the West is falling over itself to bomb Syria – despite the opposing policies.

Judging from the outcomes of their airstrikes, however, the plan is to destroy Syria. This catalogue of mayhem is designed to stop Iran and Russia increasing their influence as well. The ultimate goal is to make sure they don’t succeed where the self-appointed arbiters of righteousness and the coterie of hypocrites failed. Wishful thinking.


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